No Boundaries

Solutions using JumpScale benefit from the no boundaries principle: scaling out while remaining high performant is the magic that JumpScale delivers.

Not just some code

Previous versions of JumpScale have been used in the last 10 years by several major products. Now JumpScale makes it now accessible for the big audience.

Ready for you

JumpScale is the first version that will be delivered with the support and tools needed for efficient adoptation.

Meet the team

Kristof De Spiegeleer

CEO / Founder

Jo De Boeck

Team Leader

Reem Khamis

Backend Developer

Karim Ali

UI/UX Developer

Christophe de Carvalho

Backend Developer

Muhamad Azmy

Backend Developer

Fady Maged

UI/UX Designer

Hamdy Farag

Backend Developer

Amr Hassan

Backend Developer

Services We Offer

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